Tuesday 25 May 2021

Partnering up with  Pieta House and Jigsaw a challenging 3-day is taking place, approximately 150km hike from Blanchardstown, Dublin to Stairway to Heaven on the Cuilcagh Mountain in Co. Fermanagh.

Pieta House provides social support and care through a 24hrs helpline which can be crucial to those who need immediate help, which is often unavailable through the HSE. Also, mental illnesses are affecting more children at younger ages each day, and services like Jigsaw are vital in supporting the health and well-being of our younger generations.

With the times that we’re in, pandemic and lockdowns, there’s been a massive surge in people experiencing mental illness symptoms and reaching out for help, again highlighting the need for those services and raising awareness.

They will be starting the hike on Friday 28th of May, and will walk roughly 50km each day (10-12hrs), hoping to show that nobody needs to walk their difficult paths alone.

Our main goal is for our message to reach every single struggling person in Ireland, to know that the support is out there and the stigma of mental health is being fought by many people every day. We want to ask everyone to donate whatever they can, share this page as much as they can, and to leave a supporting message in the comments sections below, so that the unity, love and care of the people in Ireland can be seen by those who need it the most.

The hike will be documented on our instagram page @happywildamigos.

All the information can be found on our gofundme page: