Leaving Certificate 2020

We have been living through extraordinary times due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. Everyone’s lives have been impacted by this crisis. The public health measures that have been put in place in Ireland and worldwide, to stop the spread of the virus, have been very successful but resulted in challenges that may have and continue to impact on our wellbeing. These include the closing of all schools and the cancelling of the Leaving Certificate examinations in 2020.

The links below can take you to specific information about the Calculated Grades, CAO, Apprenticeships, Wellbeing Resources  that are available to help and support you in the aftermath of Leaving Certificate 2020.

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Leaving Certificate 2020 | Support & Guidance 1
Leaving Certificate 2020 | Support & Guidance 2
How to get Calculated Grades Results on 7 September

The Calculated Grades Student Portal has re-opened in order to allow all 2020 Leaving Certificate students who Opted to receive Calculated Grades to view their Results.

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Leaving Certificate 2020 | Support & Guidance 3

CAO Calculator | 2017 -2020

To calculate your points score based on Irish Leaving Certificate results, select the exam year and then enter your results by level and grade.

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Leaving Certificate 2020 | Support & Guidance 4
What to do if you’re unhappy with your Calculated Grades results

If you are unhappy with your results, you can submit an appeal.

There is no appeal fee.

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Leaving Certificate 2020 | Support & Guidance 5

Points Required for Entry in 2020

On this page, the CAO will post the points required for entry to third level education in 2020.

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Leaving Certificate 2020 | Support & Guidance 6

Available Place Course List 2020

Where there are available places in specific courses, HEIs will advertise these on the CAO website

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Leaving Certificate 2020 | Support & Guidance 3

Learn About Available Places

Before making an “Available Places” application, those matching the description “Restricted Categories of Applicant” on Page 3 of the CAO handbook should first consult with the Admissions Office of the HEI concerned.

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Leaving Certificate 2020 | Support & Guidance 8

Mature Applicants

Before applying you should read the CAO Handbook and view the information for mature applicants on Higher Education Institution websites. In particular, you should note HEI requirements for the provision of supplementary application information. 

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Leaving Certificate 2020 | Support & Guidance 4

A guide for parents and guardians

This document has been prepared by the Central Applications Office (CAO) to assist parents and guardians supporting a student in their undergraduate application to Irish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

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DARE | Disability Access Route to Education

Applicants, parents, and guidance counsellors with questions about completing the HEAR or SIF/DARE form should consult the published handbooks and contact CAO if they cannot find answers to their questions.  They will have staff trained in dealing with queries on completing these sections of the form.

Questions on how applicants will be assessed and how offers are to be determined should be directed to the Access and Disability Offices in Higher Education Institutions and not CAO. CAO plays no part in making decisions on admissions.

Generation Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is an exciting and proven way for employers to develop talent for their company and industry. Apprenticeships are designed by industry-led groups, supporting growth and competitiveness.

Apprentices earn while they learn and build valuable work-ready skills in a chosen occupation. Apprenticeships open up exciting and rewarding careers, with learning grounded in the practical experience of undertaking a real job.

A Word of Support

Leaving Certificate 2020

Leaving aside the exams, I am keenly aware of the disappointment that so many students feel about the way their time in school will finish. However, your time in secondary school, spanning over five years is what really matters. Hopefully, you will be equipped with self-awareness and critical thinking skills that you can carry with you into the real world. There are many historical examples of groundbreaking discoveries and timeless masterpieces that were born during times of adversity including Isaac Newton’s and William Shakespeare’s acclaimed achievements which emerged under quarantine conditions caused by a plague outbreak in the late 16th century!

It is the true excellence of the human spirit and endeavour to find new opportunities, new paths, and certainly to be of use to one another when the going gets tough. 

Go raibh maith agat ó bhun mo chroí

- Anne Rabbitte


September 2020

Current year leaving certificate results issued.



September 2020

Round 1 offers available from 14:00 online, also issued by email and SMS text. Applicants who have not received an offer will receive a "Statement of Application' email.



September 2020

Available place facility opens.



September  2020


Round 1 acceptance closing date.


Primary schools may use 3 discretionary days to extend this break to a 5 day break, Monday 15th February 2021 to Friday 19th February 2021 unlsess changes are required as part of contingency arrangements to make up for time lost due to unforeseen school closures.


September 2020


Round 2 offers available online.


Where contingency arrangements are required to make up for time lost due to unforeseen school closures, a school authority may reduce the length of the Easter break by remaining open up to and including Wednesday 31st March 2021.


September 2020


Round 2 acceptance closing date.