Leaving Certificate 2023

The goal of this page is to support Leaving Certificate students of 2023 with links below that can take you to specific information about the Calculated Grades, CAO, Apprenticeships, Free Pathways to 3rd Level Education, Wellbeing Resources.  

In addition, you will find links to resources on DARE – Disability Access to Education,  Generation Apprenticeships, Careers Portal, Further and Higher Education Grants, Studying Abroad, Life Long Learning and other useful resources on education.

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Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 1
Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 2

CAO Calculator | 2017 -2023

To calculate your points score based on Irish Leaving Certificate results, select the exam year and then enter your results by level and grade.

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Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 3
What to do if you’re unhappy with your results

If you are unhappy with your results, you can submit an appeal.

There is no appeal fee.


Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 4

Available Place Course List 2023

Where there are available places in specific courses, HEIs will advertise these on the CAO website

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Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 2

Learn About Available Places

Before making an “Available Places” application, those matching the description “Restricted Categories of Applicant” on Page 3 of the CAO handbook should first consult with the Admissions Office of the HEI concerned.

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Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 6

Points Required for Entry in 2023

On this page, the CAO will post the points required for entry to third level education in 2022.

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Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 7

Mature Applicants

Before applying you should read the CAO Handbook and view the information for mature applicants on Higher Education Institution websites. In particular, you should note HEI requirements for the provision of supplementary application information. 

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Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 3

A guide for parents and guardians

This document has been prepared by the Central Applications Office (CAO) to assist parents and guardians supporting a student in their undergraduate application to Irish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

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DARE | Disability Access Route to Education

Applicants, parents, and guidance counsellors with questions about completing the HEAR or SIF/DARE form should consult the published handbooks and contact CAO if they cannot find answers to their questions.  They will have staff trained in dealing with queries on completing these sections of the form.

Questions on how applicants will be assessed and how offers are to be determined should be directed to the Access and Disability Offices in Higher Education Institutions and not CAO. CAO plays no part in making decisions on admissions.

Generation Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is an exciting and proven way for employers to develop talent for their company and industry. Apprenticeships are designed by industry-led groups, supporting growth and competitiveness.

Apprentices earn while they learn and build valuable work-ready skills in a chosen occupation. Apprenticeships open up exciting and rewarding careers, with learning grounded in the practical experience of undertaking a real job.

CAO Applicant Full Resources

Do You Have a Question?


Announced 25th August, 2023


R 1


30th August at from 2pm

Reply date: 5th September by 3.00pm


Available place facility opens.  Round 1 offers available online  on  also issued by email and sms text. 

Applicants who have not received an offer will receive a 'Statement of Application' email.

R 2

Round 2 Opens 11th September at 2pm

Round 2

Offers closes 13th September

at 3pm

R 3

Round 3 Opens

19th September

Round 3

Closes 21 September

at 3 pm

R 4

Round 4 Opens

26th September

at 10 am

Round 4

closes at 28th September

at 3pm

R 5

Round 5

Opens 3rd October

at 10 am


Round 5

Offers closes

5th October at 3pm.

Useful Resources

Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 9

National University of Ireland

NUI Degrees are awarded at Higher Doctorate, Doctorate, Master and Bachelor levels.


Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 10

State Examinations Commission

Responsible for the development, assessment, accreditation and certification of the second-level examinations of the Irish state: the Junior Cycle and the Leaving Certificate.
Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 11

Careers Portal

One stop national career information portal. It is a resource to the following key audiences:

  • 2nd Level Students
  • 3rd Level Students
  • Adult Learners
  • Jobseekers
  • Parents and Guardians
  • Career Guidance Professionals/Providers
Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 12

QQI Quality & Qualifications

QQI is the state agency responsible for promoting the quality, integrity and reputation of Ireland’s further and higher education system.  

Ensuring that learners achieve qualifications that are valued nationally and internationally. 

Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 13


UCAS is the undergraduate admissions portal in the UK and they offer several services for different audiences, and those who want to reach them.  

Information on careers, apprenticeships and university to explore what routes are available and which one is right for you.

Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 14


AHEAD is an independent non-profit organisation working to create inclusive environments in education and employment for people with disabilities.

The main focus of their work is further education and training, higher education and graduate employment.

Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 15


SUSI is Ireland’s national awarding authority for further and higher education grants.

We offer support to eligible students in approved, full-time courses at PLC, undergraduate and postgraduate levels and in some cases, to students studying outside Ireland.

close-up photo of assorted coins


The goal is to provide support for both higher education institutes and their incoming students, allowing our customers to focus on what matters to them and supplying their applicants with a tailor-made, efficient and user-friendly service.

Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 16

Smarter Travel Campus

This website is a compilation of useful travel information and resources for staff, students, and visitors on how to sustainably commute to your campus.

Examples of the resources are shown in the images below.

Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 17


Qualifax is Ireland’s National Learners’ Database and is the “one stop shop” for learners and the public.   

Comprehensive, annually updated information is provided about further and higher education and training options in Ireland and further afield.

Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 18

Generation Apprentice

A website for school leavers, older learners, career changers, women and men with diverse backgrounds, talents and abilities –

A central route to skills development in Ireland.


Leaving Certificate 2023 | Support & Guidance 19

Skills Ireland

Up-to-date career information supporting career and educational research in an integrated, innovative, supportive and engaging manner.

  • 2nd  and 3rd Level Students
  • Adult Learners
  • Jobseekers
  • Parents and Guardians
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