Our community organisation, The Wild Geese {East Galway Task Force}, is actively trying to solve the challenges faced by our rural towns, villages, and communities who are on their knees from town to town, village to village, community to community.  The Wild Geese has been given the opportunity to become part of a unique digital ecosystem conceived, created and nurtured by the Galway-based digital agency Boon.

East Galway needs innovative solutions to the problems faced by local communities. Our team consists of seasoned community leaders and volunteers with a fervent and passionate interest in the renewal of the main towns and villages of East Galway, namely:

  • Portumna
  • Loughrea
  • Ballinasloe
  • Athenry
  • Tuam
  • Kinvara,
  • Gort

Our goal is to establish a digital infrastructure for these towns and surrounding communities.

This infrastructure will empower communities to increase footfall to local retailers, to shop local, to promote tourism and recreational activities, share cultural and community events and give local promoters the tools to sell tickets and advertise their events.

Boon Digital will build an app branded for each town, which will include listing by location for:

  • Retail including offers and coupons
  • Food and Drink
  • Lifestyle
  • Accommodation
  • Attractions
  • Self-guided tours
  • Interactive Hikes & Trails for the area
  • Active Retired

All listings will include:

  • One-touch call and email
  • Links to web business
  • Links to social media pages
  • Push notification
  • Capabilities for community alerts, garda alerts and notices
  • Turn by turn directions.

Cross-promotion of offers and event tickets is possible throughout all the apps; for example, an event in Gort will be highlighted in all the other apps, including the Galway city app.  Revenue is created from booking fees, and 50% of funds will be reinvested back into local projects.

Boon Digital, the app developer, has provided us with a full proposal, costing and breakdown of the functionality, including app revenues. The Booniverse App is currently live in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Fermoy, Midleton, Youghal, Cobh, Tralee, and Killarney.

Boon Digital Agency has provided our community group with a one time heavily discounted offer of €5,000 per town.  Unlike the apps now live in Galway city, Dublin city, and Cork city, our apps will be totally free for local businesses to list their profile, link to the business via email, phone, website and unique turn by turn directions.  The app will be promoted by Boon through traditional media, digital media and at train stations, bus stations and airports and our local towns will benefit from this promotion,  Our goal is to build an app for each of these towns with the community at the centre.

A mobile digital infrastructure for the towns of East Galway is central to our ongoing strategy, enabling us to:

  • support and promote local business
  • promote domestic and international tourism
  • engage with local communities
  • modern community alerts and notices
  • further, develop a cultural policy for the area.

Booniverse makes it easier, for locals and tourists alike, to discover what is happening in our towns, find local attractions, great spots to eat and stay, find out what’s happening and interact with the community like never before.

We are looking to reach a fundraising goal of €5,000 per town and we are currently in talks with a number of high profile businesses in each of the above towns.


Wild Geese Task Force : PPN:  #GALPPN-00957
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