In line with recent announcement by the Department of Rural and Community Development of funding to be allocated through the LCDC (Local Community Development Committee), please see below some further information for your attention:


LCDC expect to receive forms and guidelines over the next few weeks for discussion at the LCDC Meeting on 23rd November 2021 with a view to advertising the scheme by end November.

Each LCDC has flexibility to set its own closing date which are to be no later than 28 February 2022.

Funding Allocation:

Galway County has received a total funding allocation of €286,802 – maximum individual grant levels will be agreed by the LCDC and notified in the application form & guidelines in due course.

What is it for?

The Fund is intended to support community groups such as community centre’s, men’s and women’s sheds, parish halls, etc., particularly those in disadvantaged areas, who have been impacted by the pandemic by:

  • Providing funding towards running costs such as utility bills, insurance, etc.,
  • Carry out necessary repairs and improvements to facilities including purchase of equipment

This funding is about giving a helping hand to our local groups and clubs, which have continued to serve their community during COVID-19.  These grants may be small in nature, but they help thousands of community organisations, clubs, men’s and women’s sheds, youth centres and parish halls.  This past year has once again, shown the importance of a vibrant Community & Voluntary Sector.  The efforts of local community groups & volunteers throughout the pandemic has been immense and this funding will help to provide practical support to smaller community groups and facilities at a grassroots level across the country.

Next Steps:

As this funding is targeted at ensuring the sustainability of community groups by providing funding support towards utility costs & insurance costs, please bring it to the attention of all Community Facilities in your area.  Once it is advertised, LCDC will organise a webinar to outline the support under this Fund and the Council’s own funding schemes for 2022, including the Community Support Schemes for Economic, Community & Cultural Development.

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