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Our Vision for Healthcare In Ireland: 

A Great Place to Work, A Great Place to Receive Care


Overcrowding, Prolonged A&E Waiting Times, Delayed Discharges

  • Increase bed capacity and aim for a four-hour target wait for Emergency Departments.
  • Ensure there is an emergency medicine consultant present in emergency departments 24-hours.
  • Improve access to diagnostics for Emergency Departments and GPs with a new minor capital grant fund of €50m.
  • Remove recruitment embargo, target staffing allocations of additional consultants and nurses to critical areas in Emergency Departments.
  • Commence the 2,600 additional hospital beds recommended under the Capacity Review.
  • Significantly increase home care support hours to alleviate delayed discharges.
  • Examine how the district hospital network can be utilised more to provide step down facilities.
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Supporting General Practice

  • Expand free GP care on the basis of means in line with Sláintecare’s goals and in alignment with an expansion in capacity.
  • Implement the recently agreed changes to the GP contract and include provisions for its continuous assessment and improvement.
  • Negotiate a new contract to underpin General Practice for the next 30 years to include issues such as Women’s Health Programmes, Out of Hours Services and Services to patients in Nursing Homes.
  • Increase GP training places to 274.
  • Protect rural GP practices by increasing the allowance to €30,000.


Mental Health Supports

The need for strong mental health supports is ever-growing, especially among younger people. Many parents have great concerns about the wellbeing of their children especially in a world of social media interaction. We will work to develop 21st-century skills such as teamwork, empathy, and resilience in school and youth settings. 

By providing a strong suite of measures of early intervention programmes designed to prevent mental ill-health developing in the first place we are committed to implementing a “Vision for change” and have allocated the €200m in additional spending required by that policy to finance the specific measures included in this.

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Reduce waiting lists and waiting times

  • Increase the National Treatment Purchase Fund to €200 million.
  • Put the emphasis on reducing waiting times.
  • Ensure that anyone waiting more than six months for a procedure will be able to apply to the National Treatment Purchase Fund.


Home Help Packages

  • Provide an additional five million hours of home care support.
  • Implement a statutory homecare scheme.
  • Deliver a ‘Carers Guarantee’ proposal that will provide a core basket of services to carers across the country regardless of where they live.
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Support Residential Care and the Fair Deal

  • Increase Fair Deal funding by €225m.
  • Develop a national strategy for long-term residential care of our older people that includes current and future plans for the funding and financing of this care.
  • Ensure that no Fair Deal resident is charged for services they do not use.
  • Implement the proposed Fair Deal changes for farming families.
  • Introduce an independent appeal process for nursing home providers under the Nursing Home Support Scheme.


Respite Hours

Urgent action is taken to better support carers and address years of underspending on homecare, carers payments and respite care. 

An accruing problem that will not go away.

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Recruit More Nurses

  • Recruit 4,000 additional nursing staff over the next five years.
  • Within this number we will ensure that GP’s practice nurse numbers are increased by 300 and public health nurses by 350.
  • Implement the safe staffing framework in all hospitals.
  • Target increased numbers to decrease the overreliance on agency staff.

Recruit Extra Consultants

  • Negotiate a new contract with consultants.
  • End pay inequality for post 2012 entrants.
  • Recruit at least 800 extra consultants over five years.

Minister Rabbitte to commission research into gender-based violence against people with disabilities

Minister of State with Special Responsibility for Disability, Anne Rabbitte, today on International Women’s Day, indicated her intention to conduct research into gender-based violence against people with disabilities this year. Ireland ratified the UN Convention on...

Minister for Health publishes HSE National Service Plan for 2022

The Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has approved the 2022 National Service Plan for the HSE which aims to reduce waiting lists, build hospital and other service capacity and continue to support the progress of important Sláintecare reforms. The National Service...

Online Availability of Births, Marriages and Deaths Records Extended

The online availability of Births, Marriages and Deaths records has been extended, with a further 12 months of these records available to view online on www.irishgenealogy.ie. The records now available for each of these life events are: ·         Birth Register...

Minister Rabbitte reconvenes Transport Working Group under the National Disability Inclusion Strategy

The Minister of State with Special Responsibility for Disability, Anne Rabbitte T.D., today announced her intention to Chair an inter-departmental group to examine the issues of accessible transport for persons with disabilities and to progress a review of the...

€10 million in funding for palliative and end-of-life care

The Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly TD, has announced €10 million in once-off funding for palliative and end-of-life care. The funding will help to progress national priorities, including increasing the equitable access to palliative care services across...

Minister McEntee launches public consultation on reform of alcohol licensing laws

  ·         Action necessary now to prepare for post pandemic life ·         Minister seeks views on issues such as opening hours, online and delivery sales and licensing processes ·         Reforms to build on practices adopted during Covid, such as outdoor dining...

Ireland submits milestone first report under International Disability Rights Convention

Thursday 11th November Minister of State with Special Responsibility for Disability, Anne Rabbitte T.D., has published Ireland’s first report to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The report describes what Ireland is doing to...

Rabbitte confirms four more Neurology posts coming on stream in Galway University Hospital

Minister of State for Disability and Fianna Fáil TD for Galway East, Anne Rabbitte, has confirmed that Galway University Hospital (GUH) is recruiting four additional Neurology Clinical Nurse Specialists. The Department of Health has confirmed to Minister Rabbitte that...

Epilepsy Ireland Training For Success

At is the time of year again when Epilepsy Ireland have opened enrolment for our Training for Success course in IT Sligo. Due to the individual nature of epilepsy, it can be a condition which can have a significant impact on a person’s educational and social...

Our Government agrees to begin work on a Well-Being Framework for Ireland

6th February 2021 The Government has agreed on an approach to begin work on an overarching Well-being Framework for Ireland. A Framework for Wellbeing is a way of establishing a well-rounded, holistic view of how our society is performing, alongside the existing...

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