At is the time of year again when Epilepsy Ireland have opened enrolment for our Training for Success course in IT Sligo.

Due to the individual nature of epilepsy, it can be a condition which can have a significant impact on a person’s educational and social development – especially when it is difficult to control.

This can lead to a person being socially isolated or being faced with difficulties in entering the workforce or further education.

Training For Success aims to support people with epilepsy in this situation and aims to equip them with the vital skills needed to enter the workforce or pursue further education – in an environment where they will learn how to better manage their condition alongside others with epilepsy in a similar situation.

It is the only course of its kind in the EU and those who have completed the course will often point to it as a turning point in their lives – 85% of graduates have gone on to further education or entered the workforce.

Courses are set to open from the August 30th and you can learn more here.

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