Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine Charlie McConalogue TD, today chaired the first High-Level Implementation Committee meeting of Ireland’s new Food Vision 2030 Strategy, which was launched by the Government during the summer.

Food Vision is a landmark strategy for the Irish agri-food sector and has the potential to transform our agriculture, food, forestry and marine sectors in the period to 2030, with sustainability at its core.

Minister McConalogue said:

Implementation of Food Vision 2030 is under way, with many of its actions already commenced. One immediate priority in the context of our climate ambitions, is to commence work on the important action to determine the sustainable environmental footprint of the dairy and the beef sectors, which must be completed by next summer. My Department and agencies will collaborate to bring forward proposals in this regard, including through extensive engagement with stakeholders. It is crucial to recognise that we are starting from a really strong point in terms of our sustainability credentials.

Food Vision is upfront about the challenges facing the sector, as well as the opportunities ahead. Crucially, it proposes solutions and charts a pathway to sustainability in all its dimensions – environmental, economic and social. I am determined to fulfil the Food Vision 2030 missions so that we realise the vision of Ireland being a world leader in Sustainable Food Systems, to the benefit of all those in the sector, and particularly our farmers and fishers.

And he continued:

We are facing into a very exciting decade for our sector, one that is likely to look very different to the one just gone. We are committed to reaching the targets set out in Food Vision 2030 while ensuring we do everything we can to protect and enhance the incomes of our primary producers who are the bedrock of the entire food sector.

Food Vision 2030 was developed by Committee of agri-food stakeholders using a food systems approach. Its vision is that Ireland will become a world leader in sustainable food systems by pursuing four missions:

–     A Climate Smart, Environmentally Sustainable Agri-Food Sector

–     Viable and Resilient Primary Producers, with Enhanced Wellbeing

–     Food that is Safe, Nutritious and Appealing, Trusted and Valued at Home and Abroad

–     An Innovative, Competitive and Resilient Sector, Driven by Technology and Talent.

The High-Level Implementation Committee is made up of CEOs and senior officials from Bord Bia, Enterprise Ireland, Bord Iascaigh Mhara and Teagasc, as well as senior officials from relevant Government Departments and agencies. It will be chaired by the Minister and is responsible for driving implementation of Food Vision 2030, on which it will engage with all the key stakeholders.

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