The devolved capital grant will give ETBs the discretion to make decisions around small-scale FET investment priorities at a local level.

The funding can be used for small scale works including necessary infrastructure and improvement works, and for the purchase of equipment.

 Funding is provided under Project 2040 and forms part of the ongoing investment in the further education and training (FET) sector. 

Using this grant, ETBs will be able to carry out work such as upgrades to computer labs and science labs, replacement of apprenticeship equipment, roof works and planned improvement works of FET buildings. 

Making the announcement Minister Harris said:

I am delighted to announce the continuation of this vital funding stream to the ETBs. 

The devolved capital grant allows ETBs to address a range of small-scale capital needs across their FET estates, including minor works and procurement of equipment 

This funding is an essential part of the overall funding framework to support ETBs in the delivery of FET. 

Crucially, the fund is at the discretion of the ETB meaning it can address its priorities at a local level for delivery.

The funding will be distributed through SOLAS. 

Minister Collins said:

The National Development Plan, part of Project Ireland 2040, provided a dedicated capital envelope for the FET sector and The Devolved Capital Allocation allows ETBs to respond to the most pressing FET capital needs within their respective regions.  

ETBs can prioritise maintenance and upgrading works across their existing capital stock, ensuring value for money while enhancing the FET learning environment.

Welcoming the news, Minister Rabbitte said:

Project Ireland 2040 is the government’s long-term overarching strategy to make Ireland a better country for all and to build a more resilient and sustainable future. The strategy ensures the alignment of investment plans with the stated National Strategic Objectives for 2040 in a considered, cohesive and defined manner.

Alongside the development of physical infrastructure, Project Ireland 2040 supports business and communities across all of Ireland in realising their potential.   I am delighted to see that the fund is at the discretion of the ETB who can prioritise at a local level for delivery.

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