The Government today announced the St Patrick’s Day programme for 2024, which will see the Taoiseach, Tánaiste, and representatives of the State engage in an extensive international programme to promote Ireland and Irish interests and values around the world. St Patrick’s Day is an unparalleled opportunity to promote Ireland as a great place to visit, work, study, trade with, and invest in. This year, in all, 38 representatives of the State will bring Ireland’s message to 86 cities in 48 countries.


The theme for St Patrick’s Day 2024 will be “Ireland’s Future in the World”, which will focus on young Irish people, and our diaspora, and their perspectives about the world of the future and Ireland’s place in it. It will highlight the impact and achievements of young Irish and diaspora leaders across the fields of innovation, creativity, community development, business, and academia around the world. Ministers will emphasise Ireland’s commitment to international peace and security and the rules-based multilateral system, especially at this time of conflict and turbulence. Other key messages will include the strength of Ireland’s economy, our active membership of the European Union, our commitment to protecting the Good Friday Agreement, and the high priority we attach to climate action and sustainability.


Programmes undertaken by Ministers will strengthen our links with the diaspora and business leaders.

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