The Minister for Public Expenditure NDP Delivery and Reform, today, Tuesday 28th February launched the updated Where Your Money Goes website.

The website is aimed at promoting a greater awareness and better understanding of how and where Government spends public funds.

Speaking earlier, Minister Donohoe said:

This interactive site, which shares open data, aids in supporting transparency in the spending of public funds. It allows users to see the funding that programmes receive across sectors in terms of current and capital spend over a period of ten years.

It highlights the vast investment in public services and infrastructure projects that takes place using taxpayers’ money and helps in understanding and linking expenditure with outputs.”

The Where Your Money Goes website is a graphical, easy-to-use tool. It will allow users to quickly drill in to the various sectors that make up the €103.5 billion of this year’s government expenditure, over the past decade.

This allows users to look back at public expenditure trends over that time. It includes dedicated summaries, interactive charts and graphs that are easy to use and understand.

On the new look for the Where Your Money Goes website, the Minister noted:

While we have kept the site consistent with the previous site for ease of use, it is now visually more appealing, all data sets have been reviewed and updated, and the graphs are now more interactive and accessible in terms of the drilldown of data.

It is important that the public are aware of how public funding is spent and have access to this updated information year round. In an environment of growing mis- and dis-information, this is a trusted source of data on the spending of public funds.

First launched in 2017, this website was built and is maintained by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), a division of the Department of Public Expenditure National Development Plan Delivery and Reform.


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