• New facility in Cabra’s Deaf Village receives €100,000 under the Community Centre Investment Fund (CCIF)
  • Project to provide opportunities for employment, remote working and integration
  • Ireland’s first ever Irish Sign Language Café, which is located in Deaf Village in Cabra.

This new facility will provide members of the Deaf Community with a modern new space in which to meet and socialise.

It will also generate opportunities for employment and remote working.

The aim of this project was to renovate, refresh, and rebrand the café to expose and promote deaf culture and language to the wider Cabra community.

It’s a project that will support jobs, remote working and, most importantly, help promote integration and inclusivity.

The project received €100,000 under the Community Centre Investment Fund (CCIF) and was officially opened by Minister Humphreys during a visit to Deaf Village.

Ireland’s first ever Irish Sign Language Café, which is located in Deaf Village in Cabra. 1
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Holy Family School for the Deaf Cabra


Minister Rabbitte said:

Inclusion is the cornerstone of thriving and harmonious communities, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance among individuals of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives and it is a powerful catalyst for social cohesion, breaking down barriers and promoting unity.

The Irish Sign Language Café located in the Deaf Village Cabra where you are met and greeted with a sign of welcome is a pure example of fostering a sense of belonging.

The Deaf Village and Irish Sign Language Café are open to all, Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people.

It is their wish that the public should show interest in the various organisations and mix with the Deaf Community at the Village.

When people feel included, they are more likely to contribute their talents, ideas, and experiences, leading to a richer and more dynamic community.

Speaking during the visit, Minister Humphreys said:

I am delighted to be here today in Cabra to officially open this new and exciting facility, which received €100,000 in funding under my Department’s Community Centre Investment Fund.

When I established this new fund last year, I did so with communities just like this one here in Deaf Village in mind.

This is a very unique, welcoming and inclusive place – a place where members of the Deaf Community can come together and meet up with friends.

And it’s a place too where they can access a range of supports and take part in various different activities and events in areas ranging from sport and education to arts and heritage.

But I know too that this Village opens its doors to everyone – and it is a really popular place too for hearing people, our young people and members of the wider Cabra area.

About Community Centre Investment Fund


Funding under the 2022 Community Centre Investment Fund was available under 3 Categories, with grants of between €10,000 and €300,000 available:

  • Category 1: Small scale projects/improvements to facilities €10,000 – €25,000
  • Category 2: Larger scale projects €25,001 to €100,000
  • Category 3: Major projects €100,001 to €300,000

Funding was available for capital works such as: –

  • works to improve communal facilities such as kitchen and toilet facilities
  • energy retrofitting, new windows / doors / heating systems
  • upgrades to lighting systems and stage areas
  • works to address safety concerns, including as a result of fire safety audits
  • works to improve disability access
  • improvements to assist in providing additional or better services to the community such as meals for the elderly and youth facilities
  • works to develop Community Centres as Social Hubs through the development of Community Cinemas, Youth Hubs and Community Libraries
  • essential maintenance works, repairs to roof, and so on

Over 860 projects were approved for funding with a combined value of over €45.8 Million.

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