19 Jun 2021

€1.4 million is to be provided to frontline youth services and clubs nationally to support them as Covid-19 restrictions are being eased.

The re-engagement and support of volunteers who are the backbone of youth services nationally is a key focus in providing these additional funds in 2021. The one-off grants are aimed at supporting services to open as fully as is possible in line with the easing of the Covid-19 restrictions.  The Department has recently updated its guidance to youth services on this.

Those eligible for funding include UBU Your Place Your Space funded organisations, Youth Information Centres, and local youth clubs. The funding is provided on a one-off small grant basis in 2021 to support the re-engagement of volunteers, defray some costs associated with managing service in line with Covid-19 guidance, and fund additional hygiene and sanitary measures. Further information can be obtained through the local Education and Training Board.

Minister O’Gorman commented:

I am pleased to be able to support frontline youth services and clubs in this way. Youth services have worked hard to engage with young people during these restrictions. I encourage all services, volunteers, and young people to take these first step towards the full range of activities.

The Minister went on to say:

As we move forward with re-opening our social and economic life, young people need to have avenues open to them. I am confident that youth services have played and will continue to play this vital role in young person’s lives.