Minister for Disabilities Anne Rabbitte TD and Councillor Ivan Canning have welcomed the installation of 20 wheelchair accessible ramps around the Portumna.

The €15,000 funding for the project was secured through Councillor Ivan Canning’s Notice of Motion monies. A total of 20 ramps were installed at various locations, ensuring ease of access on and off footpaths around the town.

Minister Rabbitte commented:

One of my priorities while Minister for Disabilities is to increase the level of accessibility and integration in towns across the country. While this may seem like basic works, it’s something that can make the world of difference for people with disabilities.

It’s just great to see Portumna leading the way on this, and I hope other towns around Galway will follow suit. It may seem basic, but you can’t underestimate the sense of community inclusivity this can create, and Councillor Canning’s initiative must be recognized in that regard.

Councillor Canning added:

I’m delighted to see the 20 ramps installed around Portumna. These works are minor but yet it makes the town so much more open and inclusive.

In addition to the benefits for people with disabilities, numerous parents with buggies have been in touch, as well as older persons, so it’s great to see the town become more accessible for all.

Councillor Canning concluded:

I think this type of work can sometimes be overlooked or put on the long finger, which is a shame. It’s only fair that we each have equal access to the amenities around the town and this ensures that.

Minister Rabbitte & Cllr. Canning welcome installation of wheelchair accessible ramps around Portumna 1
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