Fianna Fáil spokesperson on Children and Youth Affairs Anne Rabbitte TD has praised the thousands of Irish children and those around the world who joined the climate change protests to highlight the need to act on climate change.

The global movement has been sparked by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg who has called on fellow students to send a message to world leaders to act on climate change.

Deputy Rabbitte said:

It was inspiring to see so many children and teenagers strike, calling on the government to take urgent action on climate change.  The public gathering outside Leinster House, Cork City Hall and other locations across our island have shown how knowledgeable and in tune our next generation are to the consequences of climate change. We must listen to them and make the changes now which will protect their futures and our environment.

She went on to say:

In my own constituency in Galway it was inspiring to see so many students take to Eyre Square, Galway to send a message to government.  Climate change is real and sticking our heads in the sand is no longer acceptable. It’s no longer something that affects people in far flung locations; it’s having an impact here in Ireland with unusual weather patterns including drought, freak storms and heavier than normal weather.

Deputy Rabbitte appealed:

The political will, at the heart of government, is simply not there. The Taoiseach, just like on many others issues, talks a good game but when real action is needed, nothing is forthcoming. Those in power must listen to the students who have taken to the streets today.

We have a single mission, to protect and hand on the planet to the next generation.  #noplanetB

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