The Taoiseach and Prime Minister Johnson had a bilateral meeting today prior to watching the Ireland-England rugby match together.
They discussed the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine and the profound global security, economic and humanitarian consequences.
The Taoiseach, who had just come from a meeting of EU leaders in Versailles, emphasised the strength and unity of the EU response.
The Taoiseach and the Prime Minister welcomed the close collaboration between the EU, UK and other partners to hold Russia to account, to provide support to Ukraine and to address the humanitarian needs of its people. In an uncertain world the EU and the UK are key partners underpinned shared values.
They also discussed political developments in Northern Ireland.
Looking ahead to the Assembly elections and the need for the two Governments to work closely together to ensure a return to the full operation of the institutions of the Good Friday Agreement.
The Taoiseach welcomed the ongoing engagement between the EU and UK on issues relating to the Northern Ireland Protocol and highlighted the importance of reaching durable, practical solutions for people and businesses in Northern Ireland.
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